Services We Offer at the Ansari Tax Law Firm LLC

Have you been contacted by the Internal Revenue Service? Are you considering starting up a business anywhere in Chicago, Illinois? Do you think an internal bookkeeping matter has resulted in a serious tax issue? If so, call the Ansari Tax Law Firm LLC immediately.

We have the skills and resources to address your tax concerns in a swift and effective manner. Our Chicago tax attorneys can meet with you during a consultation to discuss the details of your tax matter. Working collaboratively with our legal team, you can benefit from a customized legal plan of action we create to help you move forward.

Our Areas of Practice

At the Ansari Tax Law Firm LLC, every member of our firm is devoted to helping clients through complex tax law matters. In order to best accommodate our clients, we have limited our practice to exclusively focus on tax law and various taxation matters.

We represent clients in civil and criminal cases arising from complex tax issues, including:

  • Tax audits
  • Federal tax matters
  • Sales tax fraud

We can also provide representation for:

  • Individuals
  • Consumer taxpayers
  • Business owners
  • Corporate professionals

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If you are considering starting your own business or have recently started a business in Chicago, Illinois, you will need a professional legal partner as you move forward. Not only can we help you understand issues related to business tax compliance but we can also direct you down the best possible path to protect your assets, minimize your tax liability, and reduce your legal exposure.

As a trusted law firm, we are proud to be the primary tax law resource for many individuals and businesses in the Chicago area. We understand that taxes can often seem like a confusing area of law, but we want to make your process as easy and straightforward as possible.

Call the Ansari Tax Law Firm LLC today to request your consultation to speak with our professionals about your pressing tax concerns or anxieties!